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The new attraction in Westjutland "Naturkraft" is now Access Denmark registred


Naturkraft, which is a newly opened and impressive  attraction just outside Ringkøbing in Westjutland, is now Access Denmark registered. Here the whole family can experience and learn more about the forces of nature, sustainability and climate.

Naturkraft is laid out as an outdoor arena with a ring wall around just over 600 meters  and up to a height of 13 meters. Inside the arena there are various landscaped nature areas with many play and experience stations. In the large architecturally beautiful exhibition building you will find an exhibition and an experience universe, where you can be challenged on your knowledge and understanding of the connection between sustainability and climate.

In the factsheets about Naturkraft on accessdenmark.com you can read about the trip around the ring wall or the access to the exhibitions and of course the details regarding parking, entrance, toilets and resting areas.

We hope you will find inspiration for a visit to Naturkraft.

Ulla Kramer

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