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Charlottehaven - Toilet ved mødelokalerne Vinterhaven

Charlottehaven - Toilet ved mødelokalerne Vinterhaven

All information about Charlottehaven - Toilet ved mødelokalerne Vinterhaven

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Accessibility information

Toilet facilities

Entrance landings in front of the toiletYes Red

Lavatory door, width  76 cm Red

Lavatory threshold, height  0 cm

Lavatory doors can be opened/closed using a tractive or compressive force of  1 kg

Width of turning area in lavatory  135 cm Red

Length of turning area in lavatory  145 cm Red

Clear space on one side of lavatory bowl.  92 cm

Position of clear space next to the lavatory bowlOn the right-hand side of the lavtory bowl

Distance from lavatory bowl to back wall  70 cm

Lavatory bowl, height  44 cm Red

Operation of toilet flushing handleFlushing is below level

Lavatory, position of support rails  Right and left side

Easy-to-operate taps Very easy to operate

Possible to use washbasin when sitting on lavatory bowl.  Yes

Height of wash basin88 cm

Clear space under wash basinYes

Height of soap dispenser120 cm

Easy-to-operate inside lock Difficult to operate

Locked doors can be opened from the outside in case of emergency  Yes

Mirror, lower edge  100 cm

Height of paper towel holder 135 cm

Ventilation system in lavatories  Yes

Wipeable surfaces  Yes

Non-glare illuminated mirror within easy reach   Yes

Interior pull handleNo


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