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Cafe Glyptoteket

Cafe Glyptoteket

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Accessibility information

Entrance to the building

Clear area, width 200 cm

Free area, height 300 cm

Separation of forms of traffic up to main entrance  Yes

Height of separation 8 cm

Interior design of the restaurant/cafe

Lighting at entrance doors, reception, lobby, etc  Yes

Marking of entrances by signs or changed surfacing in circulation areas  With sign

Access for guide dogsYes



Buttons with tactile-sense orientation  Yes

Are easy-touch buttons used? No

Orientation signals (sound and light) in lift  Sound signal

Are floor levels announced by synthetic speech in lift?  No

Indvendige gange og ramper

Corridors free of furniture Yes

Distance between sources of lighting 3 m

Indretning af toilet- og baderum

Non-glare illuminated mirror within easy reach   Yes

Information, formidling og service

Personal service  Yes

Distance to public transport 150 m

Is it possible to order special diet food?  Yes


Other information

Last update: 01-05-2014 (Version 1)

Ulla Kramer

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