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Cafe Glyptoteket

Cafe Glyptoteket

All information about Cafe Glyptoteket

Information for
Red Wheelchair users
Accessibility information

Way to the entrance

Number of disabled parking spaces  

Total number of parking spaces 

disabled parking signedYes

Surface marking of disabled parking spaces  Yes

Surfacing on disabled parking spaces The surfacing is even, firm and intact

Type of pavementasphalt or tile

Disabled parking space, width  2.1 m Yellow

Entrance to the building

Distance from disabled parking space to main entrance  100 m

Distance from stopping zone to main entrance  20 m

Surfacing on outdoor walkways to the entrance is firm and intactYes

Type of surfacing in outdoor areas leading to main entrance  asphalt or tile

Clear width in outdoor areas leading to main entrance  200 cm

Levelfree access up to entrance  Yes

Interior design of the restaurant/cafe

Clear width at main entrance150 cm

Levelfree access through entranceYes

Entrance landings Yes

Size of the landing infront of the entrance150 cm

Clear width through entrance doors  140 cm

Height of door bell 136 cm Red

Access for service dogs Yes


Debit card machine, height  90 cm


Level access to lifts Yes

Indicate depth of clear manoeuvring area measured at right angles to the door 180 cm

Lift door must be automatic Yes

Clear opening width of lift door  90 cm

Width of lift car  150 cm

Depth of lift car  147 cm

Floor buttons, lowest  87 cm

Floor buttons, highest 110 cm


Stair lift and lifting platform, capacity  250 kg

Lifting platform - platform length  140 cm

Lifting platform - platform width  90 cm

Døre bortset fra indgangsdøre

Width of doors in building  120 cm

Indvendige gange og ramper

Clear width, corridors  120 cm

Corridors free of furniture Yes

Gradients exceeding 1:20  (5%)No

Level-free circulation in building and level-free access to communal facilities  Yes

Ramp with gradient of  5.7 %

Lower landing, length  150 cm

Lower landing, width  150 cm

Turn on lower landing necessary  Yes

Upper landing, length  150 cm

Upper landing, width  150 cm

Turn on upper landing necessary  Yes

Indretning af toilet- og baderum

Entrance landings in front of the toiletYes

Lavatory door, width  87 cm

Lavatory doors can be opened/closed using a tractive or compressive force of  2 kg

Clear manoeuvring area in lavatories  Yes

Width of turning area in lavatory  150 cm

Length of turning area in lavatory  150 cm

Clear space on one side of lavatory bowl.  80 cm

Position of clear space next to the lavatory bowlOn one side of lavatory bowl

Distance from lavatory bowl to back wall  75 cm

Lavatory bowl, height  46 cm Red

Lavatory, position of support rails  Right and left side

Possible to use washbasin when sitting on lavatory bowl.  No

Height of wash basin90 cm

Clear space under wash basinNo

Height of soap dispenser95 cm

Distance to soap45 cm

Locked doors can be opened from the outside in case of emergency  Yes

Mirror, lower edge  90 cm

Height of paper towel holder 130 cm

Distance to paper towel holder40 cm

Øvrige rum - foredragssale, tv-stuer, restauranter

Clearance under tables 70 cm

Clear depth under table40 cm

Information, formidling og service

Personal service  Yes

Distance to public transport 150 m


Other information

Last update: 01-05-2014 (Version 1)

Ulla Kramer

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